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This is The Feature of Android 11 that Will Attract Your Attention

Currently, the latest Android system that is much glimpsed is Android 11. Here are the interesting sides.

Android operating system is always experiencing development. Therefore, do not be surprised if the type continues to update. The newest type is definitely more interesting, both in terms of increased security systems, the emergence of new features and so forth.

Get to Know Android 11

Android 11 Operating System is still fairly new. Said to be superior because it offers various advantages compared to the previous type, namely Android 10. However, this Android is still classified as a BETA version.

Complete privacy features is one of its advantages. In addition, this type of Android is also equipped with a new message delivery display, 5G network support and much more.

Various Best Features of Android 11

As explained earlier, Android 11 has the best features that make it easy for users. Here are a few:

1. Conversation Features

On Android 11, users can take advantage of the conversation feature. However, this feature is still in the stage of refinement. Interestingly, you will not find it on Android 10 and below.

2. Bubbles feature

Besides being able to access the conversation features, users can also use the Bubbles feature on Android 11. This second feature is no less interesting than the previous one.

Bubbles has a similar appearance to chat heads in other applications such as Facebook Messenger. With it, users can open several conversations in one time.

3. Screen Recording Feature

Although there has been before, the screen recorder feature on Android 11 is more qualified. Its attractive appearance will make many people amazed.

This feature is very easy for users because they do not need to download special applications from third parties to record smartphone screens.

4. Application Licensing

Next is the application licensing feature that will secure the operating system from various disorders such as malware. This feature allows users to get information about the application to be installed.

Start information about various activities needed in the application. The goal is to minimize data usage on smartphones.

5. Minor Developments

The next Android 11 feature is no less interesting, namely a change from the minor side. Although it has been available on the Android system before, but there are cooler modifications.

Examples are the Gesture Motion Sense feature, automatic dark display mode, the higher sensitivity of the touch screen even the Bluetooth network does not need to be turned off when activating airplane mode to run audio.

6. Maximum 5G Network Integration

Another interesting thing about Android 11 is that it allows users to better integrate with the 5G network. In addition, security and privacy of users is more guaranteed.

Those are some interesting offers from the Android 11 operating system that increasingly spoil you. Not only in terms of developing features, but security is also undoubted.

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